Since we rolled out our new commenting system earlier this year, we’ve started awarding badges to commenters who consistently make insightful comments across different topic areas.

By now, you’ve probably seen these badged users in the “Top Comments” tab of comment threads. You can see a full list of our badges here.

We know there have been some issues with the discussion thread we set up to take badge requests from readers, so we’ve put together a form that will allow you to request badges and nominate fellow commenters you feel deserve a badge, in addition to sending in your feedback on our badging system.

Your requests will be added to a spreadsheet and will not be displayed publicly. We’ll do our best to review requests at least once a week. We’re not able to respond to every request, so if you don’t receive the badge you requested, it’s likely that you don’t meet our top commenter standards, outlined below. If it has been more than a week since your request and you feel you are indeed deserving of a badge, you can e-mail us at

We are aware that there have been badged users who didn’t meet the standards we set. We do review badged users and remove badges when necessary and hope you will also use this form to report users that may need to have their badges revoked.

We’d also like your feedback on badges that you’d like to see in the future. We are currently designing a Hax Philes badge for frequent Carolyn Hax commenters and are revamping our Lifestyle section badge with the goal of awarding badges for specific content areas like food, music and movies. If you have thoughts on how we should approach these badges, we’d love to hear them!

So, what makes a top commenter?

•They consistently follow our discussion policy

•They respect other viewpoints and don’t engage in personal attacks with other commenters

•They post timely and insightful comments that are on topic

•They may have an expertise of some sort (i.e. sports knowledge, political savvy)

•Their comments may be frequently recommended by other commenters

If you have questions or comments about our badges, please leave them in the comments below or submit your feedback using the new form.