Yesterday, our newsroom’s mobile guru, Julia Beizer, responded to a reader who said he’d gladly read more Post content — if the Web site would auto-detect his mobile phone’s browser. The good news? Mobile device detection is coming soon!

We’ve heard from a few more readers about issues with our mobile site and thank you for your feedback. One reader (and Droid user), Michael, had specific gripes about not being able to click through Post newsletters on his mobile phone so we passed that along to Beizer to see if she had any insight. We’ve included Michael’s e-mail below and Beizer’s response after the jump:

I have an original Droid on Verizon, subscribe to the Post, and receive the e-mail blasts with headlines and links.  Before the Post changed its interface, I could click on the links in my Gmail app, and while the page would take a long time to load, it eventually would.  However, since the interface change, my browser crashes every time I try to click through.  I've been able to stop the page load just after receiving the content, and that will work, but that's too much overhead, so I just don't click through anymore until I get into the office.  I suspect that it's a Flash ad problem. -- Michael

Here’s Beizer’s response:

Thanks, Michael. Our desktop Web pages appear to be most problematic on the original Droid. I’ve heard from several others like you. While we work on the overarching infrastructure issues I described yesterday, you may want to consider turning off javascript on your phone, as I know that fix has worked for some readers. The option can be found in your phone’s Settings menu.

Of course, I know the risk here is that you’re degrading your experience of the Web across the Web and not just our site, so I don’t consider this suggestion a silver bullet. But, I’m told it could help for those cases in which you just really need The Post. You may also want to consider bookmarking the mobile Web site at, which offers access to most of The Post’s work.