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This week, Helpdesk focuses on three frequently asked questions about comments. If you have other tech-related questions or suggestions for site features, please leave them in the comments section. We may include your feedback in future Helpdesk posts.

Why can’t I report an abusive comment?

We encourage readers to report comments that violate the Post’s discussion policy by clicking on the “report” link below each comment. A number of readers have noticed that sometimes nothing happens when they click on the link. That’s because we currently require readers to log in with their Washington Post MyPostID before reporting abusive comments. Since so many of you have complained about this procedure, we’re changing it so that anyone can report an abusive comment. We expect the change to go live soon. In the meantime, if you’re not logged in, please click on the “Log In” button at the top of the Weigh In box before reporting a comment. Also, we will continue to ask you to log in to post comments, to reply to comments by other readers or to “recommend” comments posted by others.

What happens when I report an abusive comment?

Our moderators make every effort to remove abusive comments. Once you’ve clicked “Report” on a comment, it goes into our moderation queue, where our moderators determine whether the comment violates our discussion policy and should be removed from the site. Comments are typically removed for containing profanity, hate speech or attacks of a personal nature (as opposed to responses to the facts and opinions expressed in stories or other comments).

What happened to my commenting history?

Prior to our site redesign in March 2011, readers could click on the MyPostIDs of commentators and view comments that person had posted in the past. A number of readers have written to us wondering why they are no longer able to access their commenting history. The comment histories weren’t being viewed frequently, so we didn’t include them in the redesigned site. However, we are considering whether to design and publish similar, but more useful, reader pages. We’d appreciate your thoughts on what should be included on such pages.