@MentionMachine Social Index is a Washington Post news app that monitors Twitter for mentions of companies in the NASDAQ-100, revealing trends and spikes that show where the conversation is.

@MentionMachine Social Index displays the percentage change in the average in Twitter mentions for a company over a 24-hour time period, and ranks the 100 companies from most positive percentage change to least.

There are many engagement presentations across The Washington Post site that will display @MentionMachine Social Index counts to show these variables.

Company comparisons — A leaderboard tracks Twitter mention “scores” by percentage change from norm for each company in the NASDAQ-100.

Methodology and Functionality

@MentionMachine Social Index was developed exclusively by The Washington Post. It leverages the Twitter streaming API to capture and analyze Tweets that include the company ticker symbol. The exception is for Electronic Arts and CA Technologies as these ticker symbols are too commonly referenced in other contexts. The app is searching for their full company name mentions.

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