The Washington Post publishes thousands of stories, photos, blogs and graphics every day.  With the launch of Personal Post, a tool built by our Labs team that allows you to create personalized streams of content, we hope to make it much easier for you to tailor and organize the journalism that you want to see from us.

Start to personalize your content now by going here.

One thing you’ll notice is that Personal Post is opt-in and doesn’t require a lot of upfront work to set up. If you’re a registered Post user and have been on the site recently, you’ll be able to opt in to allow us to use the articles you’ve read in the past to build your stream – an affirmative authentication step that protects your privacy. Or, if you’re new to The Post, haven’t been back in a while or don’t want to opt in to use your reading history to build your stream, you can choose to use a handful of starter streams as a jumping-off point to create your Personal Post. These streams offer different collections of content, whether you’re a reader in the Washington area and can’t get enough of Capital Weather Gang and D.C. sports teams, or part of our growing national audience that comes to The Post for deep insight into politics, national security and the economy.

Regardless of how you begin to build your Personal Post, you’ll have the option of tuning it to your interests as you use it. For that, we’ve tried to offer simple ways to add new topics, “turn the volume down” on some or remove them entirely.

If you see a story you don’t want in your stream underneath the top stories, simply mouse over the date or time stamp displayed above it and click on the “LESS OF THIS” link that will appear. The story will disappear from your stream, and a “remove all” link will be displayed. Click on that link to pull all stories on the topic from your stream and prevent new ones from appearing. For the top stories at the beginning of the stream, you willsee an option to “REMOVE FROM TOP STORIES” when you mouse over the time stamp.

You can add topics to your stream by clicking on the Personal Post button we’ve added to the share bar on all Post articles and blog posts. When you find a story you like, click on its Personal Post button and similar stories will begin flowing into your stream.

We’re excited about Personal Post and hope you’ll like it. This is in beta, so we are committed to making it better by adding new personalized content and features -- things such as galleries and videos, ways to keep up with your neighborhood, your favorite author or the local high school, and breaking news on topics you haven’t explored.

Give it a try, by clicking here or finding the new Personal Post button on article pages. If you have questions try our FAQ page first and please let us know how you think we should improve Personal Post by e-mailing bugs and suggestions to or posting your comments below.