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Available this morning in the iTunes App Store here, the app offers a visually rich and engaging new way to follow the 2012 presidential election campaign, with the latest breaking news and images, most informed analysis and deepest polling data, a constantly updated library of TV ads, and an incredible range of historical data, dating all the way back to the first U.S. presidential election. The app is free, and for a modest monthly fee you can access certain content areas and archived material.

There’s no better way to cut through the noise and get to the facts, no better source of smart political journalism, than The Washington Post Politics App for iPad. And it’s just one of a suite of innovative products The Post has brought out recently to help our readers find the news they want, when they want it. Be sure to check out Personal Post, which can tailor the news you see on our site to your interests, and try The Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook to share what you’re reading with your friends and see what they’re reading. And, of course, click here for more on The Washington Post Politics App for iPad.

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Marcus Brauchli

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