After our live Q&A with Chief Executive Officer Laura Evans on Thursday, we said we would be posting responses to some of the questions that weren’t answered during the chat as Ask The Post Q&As.

During the chat, several readers noted that they had trouble finding results for certain topics when searching on One reader asked:

Q: Why was it NOT easy to find the results of the local election in detailed form on the Post website? After punching around for 10 minutes on, I gave up, went to Google and found exactly what I was looking for — on The Huffington Post. How do you claim relevance when you can’t even tell me (the day after the election) who won/lost in my area?

We checked with Jane Elizabeth, Deputy Local Editor for Digital, who says:

From 7 p.m. Tuesday through 7 p.m. Wednesday, local election results were posted in the most prominent position on PostLocal — the "breaking news" box at the top of the page. If you were only looking at, the results were not as prominent and may have moved around the page during the day. When you're looking for Local news, go to and click on the Local tab.  Or simply type in

Evans also addressed search issues in her live chat with readers, saying:

One of the challenges is that people search for print headlines yet the headlines will often be different online. We are addressing the byline issue with improvements to search scheduled in the near future.

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