Since March, when Jayna Murray was found slain in a Bethesda Lululemon store, The Post has followed the story, covering the arrest and trial of Brittany Norwood. Norwood worked at the store and was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder in Murray’s killing.

As part of our ongoing effort to get more Post writers and reporters into comment threads, we asked Post Local’s Katie Rogers to respond to some of the comments and questions in the story about the verdict. Rogers (@katierogers) live-tweeted the trial from the courthouse.

A few commenters have asked why The Post has devoted so much coverage to the murder and trial. We’ve posted one such question below and a response from Rogers after the jump.

Q: Why is the WaPo so consumed with this case? Why are you not treating every lost life with such importance as you are with this one? Yes, a life was lost and that is tragic within itself, but what’s even more tragic is how the WaPo and the rest of the media plays up certain cases because of the zip code and skin color of the people involved. Many people are killed in this region every year, where is their coverage? — kdofour2000

A: from Katie Rogers, local news blogger and social media manger:

I can’t answer all of your questions, kdofour2000, but what I can say is that this case contained a lot of elements readers were really curious about that had nothing to do with those you mentioned.

When detectives first started to realize that Norwood might not have actually been a victim, everyone reading along was thrown for a loop. The curiosity about the killing grew from there, and the story followed that trajectory.

I think people forget The Post is as much a local paper as it is a national brand. We try and serve both audiences and this was a case that shook our reading community in many ways and we wanted to make sure we served our readers in covering it well.

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