We have long known that our readers are much more than “readers.” Among the other things they (you) do on washingtonpost.com is write. You post tens of thousands of comments every day, in fact.

This week, we’re starting a new feature in which we’ll post some of the best comments we’ve seen in the past week. Here are our picks, in no particular order. In future weeks if you’d like to recommend one to us, drop us an e-mail at comments@washingtonpost.com.

Story: Trayvon Martin and dangerous times for black men

The Martin family cannot ever get their 17-year-old boy back. They’ll never see him grow to be a man and build his own life. But the rest of us might change as a result of his death, and the next 17-year-old with dark skin and a bag of Skittles might get a wave and a hello instead of a death chase. Could we make that our gift to the Martins as they grieve?

- giffordj

Story: A conundrum for conservative talk radio

This is across the board, any political affiliation, any religious belief. I have no tolerance for you if you have to resort to inflammatory [verbiage], exaggeration, out of context examples and name calling to get your point across. If you can not win on the strength of your argument you have no argument and no amount of name calling can cover that up. And that’s essentially the point of it. ...if I yell louder than you and scream insults at you you’ll go away and miss the fact that I’m totally full of it. No. I have no patience, no tolerance, for that.

- bethindc1

Story: Report: Metro workers abused credit cards

If Metro wonders why the public does not support yet another fare hike, here is one of many examples.

Metro cannot reasonably expect customers to pay more for such as poorly run organization. If Metro invested wisely and managed itself efficiently, maybe things would be different. However, don’t keeping coming back to us while flushing money down the toilet.

- rme465

Story: Obama’s high-dollar donations lagging

They are simply putting aside the dollars needed to pay taxes once he is reelected.

- edbyronadams

Story: Maryland gets a new area code: 667

fakeemail2 (quoting The Post’s Mike Rosenwald): “We’re bursting at the seams, people. We need more numbers!” -- judging from his head shot, apparently Mr. Rosenwald’s buttons are also bursting at the seams.
mikerosenwald: I usually don’t respond to personal attacks but I wanted to note for the record that I still have that shirt. It fits quite nicely.

Story: LaRon Landry signs with the New York Jets

Matt Flynn: 3 years, $26M, 10M [guaranteed]. 4 year vet, career: 9TDs, 5 INTs.

Mark Sanchez: 3 year extension, bringing contract total to 5 years at $58.25M with 20.5M guaranteed. 3 year vet, career passing rating of 73.2.

Rex Grossman: 1 year deal for $925K (last year was $850K). 10 year vet, career passing [rating] of 71.4.

Rex is a bargain!

- Alan4

Story: Mitt Romney and the Etch a Sketch

The main difference between an Etch-a-Sketch and Mitt Romney is that with the Etch-a-Sketch the control knobs are visible.

- gardyloo

Story: ‘American Idol’ 2012: Top 10 perform Billy Joel

When Skylar Lane began her song, she was surrounded by a few goofy looking “country” boys. I immediately recognized one as 21 year old NASCAR driver Joey Logano, complete with his sponsors logo, Home Depot, on his baseball cap.

This has caused me to fully re-examine how I spend my leisure time.

- FulhamDC