This is a recent question posed to Washington Post editors via Twitter and We asked mobile guru Julia Beizer to respond.

Q: What’s with the recent changes to The Post’s RSS feeds for Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog and The Plum Line? You probably want to make them like the others on the site, but wouldn't it be better to convert the others to full feeds?

A: From Julia Beizer, mobile multiplatform editor

Yesterday, we made a change to the feeds for Wonkblog and The Plum Line, the only two feeds in our stable of nearly 200 that were offering full text of our content.

These two feeds are now like our other feeds — offering an excerpt of Post content with a link to click through on stories that interest you.

We made this change so that all of our RSS feeds are as consistent and streamlined as possible. Free, full-text versions of this content are available on or


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The Plum Line

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