Many readers have responded to our call to submit questions for Post editors. Managing Editor Raju Narisetti has answered several in the comments section. Note that we've edited questions and responses in this post, but you can browse the full questions and answers (and submit your own) by clicking here or by using the hash tag #askthepost on Twitter.

Q: Has the Post ever considered charging a nickle for commenting to a news story? It may vastly improve the quality of posts. @ahowl7mx on Twitter

A: from managing editor Raju Narisetti: We haven’t and don’t think we will. While, given the volume of readers and comments on our site, it is impossible to avoid the occasional comment that doesn’t meet our standard through filters or adding moderators, we believe our new commenting system, the ability for readers to flag issues with comments and our moderation system are still the best ways to manage this conversation. We believe it is really important for a plurality of voices to be present on our site — within our commenting guidelines and restrictions.

Separately, from a purely business perspective, there is significant value in allowing these conversations to take place than the possible revenue that can be generated by charging for comments. Plus, our industry is yet to really come up with a frictionless way to charge individual users on our sites, without having to use a third-party (and expensive) payment system.

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