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Today’s question comes from several readers, who have written us wondering why The Post isn’t covering Fast and Furious, the controversial gun operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“Why is the Washington Post not investigating, posting and reporting daily on the biggest, most stunningly scandalous story of the last forty years, the Fast and Furious matter? Unbelievable and inexcusable!”Meadowlark1234

A recent reader e-mail voiced similar concerns:

“I can not understand why you do not have one of your best reporters investigating Fast and Furious. This is such an important story and it is not going away. I would hope someone with the integrity of the Post would uncover the Truth for the sake of our citizens and those of Mexico.”

We asked National Editor Kevin Merida about The Post’s Fast and Furious coverage. Says Merida: “Post reporter Sari Horwitz actually has done a fair amount on Fast and Furious, and continues to track it.”

Horwitz’s latest story ran on A7 of Wednesday’s paper. The article focuses on the new acting director of ATF and his efforts to shake up the agency.

You can find additional coverage by searching for “fast and furious” or “gunwalker” on our Web site. We’ve also linked to some recent articles and videos below.

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