The Post’s front page photo for Sept. 28, 2011. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Commenter Icemanchills said: “Do not like photo, and that should not require explaining. The plane in the background of the monument is insensitive and needlessly evocative of a horrible day in contemporary American history.”

“Why is there an airplane in that picture of the Washington Monument?” wrote another commenter, chic1 . “I thought airspace was restricted in that area.”

We asked Michel du Cille, director of photography, why The Post decided to go with that particular photo. Here’s what he had to say:

“The jet is moving away from the monument. It offered a scale and context that added to the scene. We specifically chose this image from among others that had the plane clearly going away from the monument, which in my opinion, removes the OMG factor of 9-11.

“Insensitive? I don't agree. As to the question about air space restriction: National Airport is in the distance; the restriction does not include commercial passenger or approved government aircraft.”