Emily McArthur of Jamaica Plain, Mass., chants through a bullhorn in front of the Statehouse, in Boston, as part of an Occupy Boston demonstration on Monday, Oct. 3, 2011. The group is part of a nationwide grassroots movement in support of the ongoing Wall Street protests in New York. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds) (Josh Reynolds/AP)

“Why such weak coverage of the Wall Street protests?,” asked commenter Mini2.

Twitter users echoed Mini2’s sentiments. Last week, one reader wrote, “Why are you ignoring the #occupywallstreet protest?

It’s also on the radar of our ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, who wrote on his blog that the protests were among the top three topics on readers’ minds last week.

We asked Greg Schneider, National Economy and Business editor, about how The Post has covered the Wall Street protests and he told us:

“When we think about sending reporters around the country to cover issues related to the economy or the financial system, we look for areas where specific trends are playing out. Rather than cover protestors raising a variety of issues in New York, we’ve pointed our resources at the issues themselves.

“We’ve written about unemployment in Las Vegas, the foreclosure mess in Florida and public pensions in Philadelphia, just to name a few. We’re in the middle of a Breakaway Wealth series on income disparity, and Lori Montgomery has written some great stories about the origins of the tax code and the federal debt.

“So far, the Wall Street protests have seemed to be New York events. We have run some wire stories about them, and bloggers have written about them on washingtonpost.com. We’re aware of what’s going on and may yet send someone there. But since we don’t have unlimited resources, we weigh these choices carefully.” — Greg Schneider

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