Raju Narisetti (The Washington Post)

Raju Narisetti, a managing editor of The Washington Post, will join the Wall Street Journal in February.

It will be a return for Narisetti, who previously was a deputy managing editor at the newspaper and editor of its European edition.

Narisetti joined The Post three years ago after founding the India-based Mint business newspaper.

In a memo to the newsroom, executive editor Marcus Brauchli wrote of Narisetti’s accomplishments during that time:

“He was closely involved in the redesign of our print edition in 2009; oversaw the selection and installation of Methode, the content-management system we use to edit and produce our news products; and has taken a leading role in the integration of our print and digital staffs and operations. But that understates dramatically his role. Raju has helped to build an extravagantly talented digital team and provided much of the vision and strategy that enabled The Post to become one of the most innovative and successful digital-news operations anywhere.

“The evidence is in the numbers: The Post’s online traffic has risen sharply in the last two years, with our page views in December up 45% from a year earlier, the number of visitors to our site up 14%, and the time each visitor spends on our site more than double what it was a year ago (according to comScore) — making 2011 our best year ever. We are a leader in the use of social media for delivering news and drawing readers to our site. Our video traffic has tripled in the last two years and our mobile visits doubled in the last year.”

Narisetti will join the Wall Street Journal as managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and deputy managing editor of the newspaper.

Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli, top right, and Managing Editors Liz Spayd, left, and Raju Narisetti, center, applaud the news of a Pulitzer Prize win in 2010. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)