The Washington Post has partnered with VoterTide to provide social media tracking and analysis for The Post’s video coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The Post will stream video of the presidential and vice presidential speeches on The Convention Grid each night during the conventions and display time-coded transcripts alongside the video once the speeches are over.

To take that a step further, VoterTide will provide user reactions as they happen on Twitter, and we’ll match that to the moment in time these reactions occurred during the speech. We will package these reactions to reveal insights into the nation’s response to the conventions and their most-watched speeches.

View the Say What project here.


The Post has worked with VoterTide to identify keywords and topics of social conversation that relate to the conventions and individual speeches. VoterTide will analyze that information to find trends that are as specific as possible to those speeches.

VoterTide processes millions of social interactions daily, including the Twitter Firehose, Facebook APIs and Google APIs. As each interaction is taken in, it is routed through a series of queues so that it can be dissected (location, author, audience, links), augmented (sentiment, demographics, tagging of issues) and stored (formatted and duplicated for high performance and scalability).

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Cory Haik, Executive producer, Digital news

Kat Downs, Interactive Projects Editor