We asked readers to send in questions for Frances Stead Sellers, who heads The Post’s Style section.

Readers sent questions about everything from The Post’s Fashion Week coverage to the new Sunday Style section We’ve included Frances’s responses in this post.

Q: Why has Style dumbed-down so much? Has your demographic changed that dramatically? Too many 'stories' read like some 14-year-old's breathless, mindless tweets posing as social commentary. Any plans to bring back journalism with depth?newster200

A: We don’t believe it has “dumbed down.” Just this week we ran a piece criticizing the mindless use of Tweets in journalism. We’ve also had a story about Michele Bachmann's debate coach, discussed the controversy about women’s role in the Obama White House, and profiled Jason Berry, an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church. There was also a provocative piece that examined an artist who suffered amnesia and what her experience tells about memory and its role in creativity.

Q: When is the Post going to hire a new fashion critic? Sarah Kaufman is a fine dance critic, but she clearly knows nothing about fashion and her coverage of New York Fashion Week borders on the comical. tmac092

A: Thanks for your input. We haven't finalized plans for fashion coverage. That said, Sarah Kaufman's coverage has received numerous compliments from readers.

Q: Why did the Post end the Style and Arts section on Sundays and introduce the new Sunday Style?subwayguy

A: From Sellers and Sunday Style editor Lynn Medford — The Post replaced Style and Arts earlier this year with two Sunday sections — Arts and Sunday Style, which covers pop culture — allowing us to add space for fine arts as well as more movie, television and pop music. We were able to add features such as the Deal Hunter, Web Insights and book reviews. Our readers have let us know that they love having the Sunday entertainment coverage in those two sections.

Q: Why is "Cul de Sac" separate from the rest of the comics in the Sunday Style section?subwayguy

A: Cul de Sac is a feature that began in the magazine (also run by Lynn Medford). It moved to Sunday Style but we didn't want to lose anything from the comics pages and it is a locally generated strip, so there was good logic to putting it in Sunday Style.