Looking to connect with Washington Post reporters and writers on Facebook? You can now get updates from Post staffers on the social network using Facebook’s “Subscribe” feature.

The recently launched feature allows you to receive updates from Facebook users who have enabled the feature without having to friend them first. To get started, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account and click the Subscribe button adjacent to any of the individuals listed below. You can also navigate to the profile of anyone who has enabled the feature and click the “Subscribe” button found at the top right-hand corner of the person’s profile.

Name Desk
Abha Bhattarai Business
Alexandra Petri Editorial
Amanda Zamora National
Amy Argetsinger Style
Andrew Heining Universal
Andrew Pergam Video
Ann Telanes Editorial
Anne Applebaum Editorial
Anup Kaphle World
Ben De La Cruz Video
Bethonie Butler Engagement
Bob Barnes National
Caitlin Gibson Local
Carol Leonnig National
Carolyn Hax Style
Charles Krauthammer Editorial
Charles Lane Editorial
Chris Cillizza Politics
Chris Stanford Universal
Cindy Boren Sports
Dan Zak Style
Dana Hedgpeth Local
Dana Milbank Editorial
Daniel de Vise Local
David Beard Engagement
David Nakamura Politics
David Ignatius Editorial
Donna St. George Local
Doris Truong Universal
Ed O’Keefe National
Elizabeth Flock National
Emi Kolawole National
Emilio Garcia-Ruiz Development
Emily Heil National
Emily Ingram Local
Emily Langer Local
Erik Wemple Editorial
Esther J. Cepeda Editorial
Eugene Robinson Editorial
Evelio Contreras Video
Ezra Klein Business
Fred Hiatt Editorial
Haley Crum Engagement
Ian Shapira Local
Jackson Diehl Editorial
James Buck Local
James Wagner Sports
Jane Elizabeth Local
Jason Samenow Local
Jen Chaney Style
Jenna Johnson Local
Jennifer Rubin Editorial
Joe Yonan Style
Joel Achenbach National
Jon DeNunzio Engagement
John Kelly Local
Jonathan Capehart Editorial
J. Freedom du Lac Local
Jura Koncius Style
Katharine Zaleski Engagement
Katherine Boyle Style
Katie Rogers Local
Keith L. Alexander Local
Krissah Thompson Politics
Marc Fisher National
Marc Thiessen Editorial
Marisa Bellack Editorial
Mark S. Luckie Engagement
Marlon Correa Presentation
Maryann James-Daley Universal
Melinda Henneberger National
Melissa Bell National
Michael Birnbaum Foreign
Michael Bolden Local
Michael Cavna Style
Michael J. Gerson Editorial
Miranda Spivack Local
Natalie Jennings Politics
Ned Martel National
Nick Anderson Local
Nick Miroff Local
Olga Khazan Financial
Ovetta Wiggins Local
Pat Myers Style
Patricia Sullivan Local
Paul Farhi Style
Peter Marks Style
Philip Kennicott Style
Rachel Weiner Politics
Robert Pierre The Root DC
Ruth Marcus Editorial
Ryan Kellett Engagement
Sara Goo Real Estate
Sarah Sampsel Presentation
Sohail Al-Jamea Presentation
Stephen W. Stromberg Editorial
Steven Goff Sports
T.J. Ortenzi Engagement
Thomas Heath Financial
Tim Carman Food
Trey Johnson Editorial
Whitney Shefte Video
Ylan Q. Mui Financial