Last week we asked readers to submit questions for Glenn Kessler, who anchors The Post’s Fact Checker blog.

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Q: In at least two debates, Michelle Bachmann has claimed $1.8 trillion as the cost to the economy of complying with regulations. I've seen other estimates of $60-75 billion (far lower) and with up to $800 billion in direct benefits. — pippop120

A: I have previously fact-checked that claim, which stems from a problematic study. Since I wrote my analysis, the Congressional Research Service has done its own review of that study and also found it wanting.

Q: Isn’t Herman Cain saying, though he might not want to, that he’s pro-choice without actually using those words? It seems he’s trying to finely cut it. “I don’t believe government should make that decision.” Well, gov’t isn’t making the choice, it is allowing (if the current laws are allowed to stand without more modification) the woman to make her own choice. If he’s trying to say there shouldn’t be a law one way or the other, then he seems to have forgotten that gov’t was asked to make a law one way or the other — all the way to the Supreme Court. — epittelkau

A: Yes, that’s what got him in trouble with conservatives. He used exactly the language that pro-choice advocates use.

Q: I'm curious why there has not been any reporting about Herman Cain’s tenure as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Statements made during that time might be interesting, to say the least. Impressions of Cain by others in the Federal Reserve system would also give insight into Cain’s economic knowledge and policies.

I realize this doesn’t quite fit the Fact Checker style, but it is surprising that no one has investigated this aspect of Cain as yet. — Midlife66

A: Good point! I will suggest it to the business editor at the Post.

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