The Washington Post video team launched “59 Seconds” Thursday — the first of many upcoming video offerings meant to connect with you in ways unique to the Post.

This daily mini-newscast offers the latest video news from the Post, in — as you guessed — less than a minute. It runs directly on the home page at noon and can always be found here:

The episodes are Washington-centric, news updates on stories that matter to users. Think of it as your midday update with news you missed while you were head-down in a complicated spreadsheet for your boss. It covers politics, government, national and international news.

The newscast is hosted by Ylan Q. Mui, a seasoned Post journalist. She and video producer Jason Aldag have spent the past few weeks developing the look and tone of the show through a series of pilots.

As we envisioned this project, we kept in mind the fact that users already scan headlines on the home page, so this is a slightly deeper dive — in as much as we can dive deep in less than a minute. We're hoping to leave viewers with some knowledge or analysis that can only come from the Post, and then encourage you to click the links immediately below the video to read more.

This project has just begun. As with every video project we launch, it will be in perpetual “Beta,” so we can make iterative changes to improve it. To that end, I’d love to read your comments and questions on “59 Seconds” and other video projects. As they say: Stay tuned.

Andrew Pergam is the Post’s director of video. You can follow him on Twitter @pergam. You can follow the Post video team @postvideo.