The Washington Post launched a redesign of the site’s navigation, header and footer on Saturday — a much clearer and easier to use interface with a more sophisticated design.

New Features

We’ve introduced new usability and content into the dropdown menus. The new version features an easier-to-navigate design that highlights our subsections as well as featured blogs and columns within every major section. It's now a one-click experience to see the latest headlines and access blogs like Chris Cillizza's The Fix and Ezra Klein's Wonkblog.

We’ve also introduced a few new items into the navigation. We now have a direct link to our Technology section and avenues into sections such as Investigations, Obituaries, News Topics, Archives, Blogs, Photos, Videos, and Personal Post.


The new design serves to strengthen The Washington Post's brand across all web offerings. We're presenting much more consistent labeling and navigation scheme across our entire site, including all editorial and product sections — making it easier to maneuver from page to page and section to section. We're also including our Campaign 2012 brand into our robust WP Politics section:

And as you can see above, not only is everything labeled clearly, but we're doing it with Washington Post fonts to give our web presence a closer visual connection to our other products.

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Sarah Sampsel is the The Post’s Director of digital, mobile and new product design.