The Washington Post Politics App for the iPad opens with an edited selection of news and analysis, presented in a highly visual way.

The Washington Post Politics App for the iPad provides the deepest, best and most engaging coverage of this year's elections. The app tells you everything you need to know about the latest election news and developments, delivered in one-of-a-kind graphical display and with stunning photography. The app, which can be downloaded from the App Store here, is filled with distinctive features -- the latest polls, highlighting the ones that are most trustworthy, video of the newest TV ads with a map that shows where they're airing, plus the Post's premier political voices, including Dan Balz, The Fix, The Fact Checker, Ezra Klein and others. 

Our goal for this app was to cut through the clutter of the campaign to bring it alive and provide everything you need to know in new and compelling ways. We put a heavy focus on photos and video to bring all of the pomp and pageantry of a presidential campaign to your screen. Everyone wants to know where the candidates stand on the issues, but no one wants to read through a laundry list of stances. So we came up with an engaging experience that shows at a glance how the candidates differ from each other and whether they've switched positions. We also wanted to take some of the Post's best features to a new level. Many of the fact checks, for example, include video of the comments in question. And just for a little fun, when a candidate starts fibbing, Pinocchio's nose starts growing. Lastly, this is not an automated experience -- Post editors will update the app throughout the day.

The app begins with the freshest news, analysis and opinion from the campaign trail. The headlines themselves provide a visual display of the campaign, and each article opens with an evocative picture from the trail.

The Maps provide the latest pulse of the race. The polling and results map shows who's won in the states that have held contests and who's ahead in the ones that haven't. The Preferred Polls tab narrows that list to include only the most reliable surveys. A map of the latest TV ads shows where candidates or independent groups are advertising, as well as the ads themselves. And the historical data map shows who's won every state and every election in American history. Wondering who carried Virginia in 1824? The WP Politics App for the iPad will tell you.

Insider's Corner takes you directly to all of The Post's top voices and blogs, with all of their most recent analysis and insight. 

Campaign Files allows users to filter all of the information by issue or candidate.

The app is free, with the option to access a couple of select content areas for $2.99 a month. The monthly fee provides access to Insiders’ Corner and any content featured in Campaign Files that has not been published in the past 48 hours, in addition to a variety of additional tools that will launch in the near future.

The Campaign 2012 app will update continuously throughout the election. We will add new features along the way and shift its focus to the general election once the primaries end later this spring.

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Ginsberg is The Post’s national political editor.

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