This year’s regional Emmy nominations are in, and The Washington Post’s video team received 12 nominations for their work this year. The Emmy-nominated video work ranges from general assignment news (“The Chess Grandmaster”) to large projects months in the making (“Remembering the Shuttle Era”, “Following the Dreamers”).

The regional Emmys are from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter.

The Emmy nominations are the first for video journalist A.J. Chavar, who joined the Post in 2010. Chavar is nominated for three video projects, including “A Catalog of Grieving,” “On Leadership: MicroManagement Stories,” and “Remembering the Shuttle Era.”

“I’ve only been out of school for two years so it’s really cool for me,” Chavar said. “It’s an honor.”

The nominations come on the heels of the White House News Photographers Association awards where Post journalists received multiple awards for their work.

The Emmy nods are a strong recognition of the future of video for both the Post and online video in general, said Andrew Pergam, Director of Video for the Post.

“It’s a great recognition of the hard work that these journalists do all the time,” Pergam said.

Watch the Emmy-nominated videos below and tell us what you think. Have a favorite Post video production from this year? Share it with us in the comments.

General Assignment Report — Within 24 Hours   

The Chess Grandmaster

Ben De La Cruz, Video Journalist

Military — News Single Story

A Catalog of Grieving

A.J. Chavar, Photographer/Reporter/Producer/Writer

Politics/Government — News Single Story

The View From Washington, Ga.: Another Washington Contest Rife With Tension

Alexandra Garcia, Photographer/Reporter/Producer/Editor

Ben De La Cruz, Editor

Promotion — News Promo — Single Spot

Under Suspicion: Voices About Muslims In America

Ben De La Cruz, Producer/Reporter/Editor/Photographer

Alexandra Garcia, Producer/Reporter/Editor/Photographer

Public/Current/Community Affairs — Feature/Segment

Laughs for Islam

Ben De La Cruz, Producer/Reporter/Editor/Photographer

Alexandra Garcia, Producer/Reporter/ Editor/Photographer

Interview/Discussion — Program/Special

On Leadership: MicroManagement Stories

A.J. Chavar, Photographer/Producer

Lillian Cunningham, Editor

Historic/Cultural — Program Feature/Segment

Remembering the Shuttle Era

A.J. Chavar, Video Journalist/Reporter/Producer

Sohail al-Jamea, Motion Designer

Jason Aldag, Producer/Researcher

Joel Achenbach, Reporter

Education — Program Feature/Segment

After Deportation, A Family Divided

Alexandra Garcia, Photographer/Reporter/Producer/Editor

Following the Dreamers

Whitney Shefte, Video Journalist/Video Producer/Video Editor/Reporter/Photo Editor/Script Writer

Video Journalist

Whitney Shefte

Alexandra Garcia

Graphics — Animation

Sohail Al-Jamea