(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

“They were coming in for treatment,” Leyland said. “I really don’t have any information for you.”

Well, they just passed out the lineup sheets in the press box. Martinez is hitting cleanup as the designated hitter, and Young is playing left field and hitting fifth. The Tigers continued the major theme of their ALCS: getting hurt and coming back the next day.

Young could not play last night because of his oblique, and Martinez stayed in the game after straining his rib cage muscle during a home run swing. Alex Avila has caught 141 games this season between the regular season and playoffs, many of them with “his knee swelling up pretty good,” Leyland said. Magglio Ordonez played part of a game with a broken ankle. They’ve been without Brennan Boesch and his sprained thumb for more than a month.

“It’s hard for the average person to understand what these guys are going through,” Leyland said.

The Rangers do not have the depth of infirmaries as the Tigers, but their best postseason hitter, Adrian Beltre, nearly had to leave the game last night. He’s back today, batting fifth and playing third.

“He is a gamer,” Washington said. “He’s ready to go. And he certainly had a different look in his eyes today than he had last night after he caught that ball of his knee. So he’s a gamer.”

The Tigers may catch a break today in regard to their health issues. The tarp is on the field now and it’s been raining steadily since about noon. Unlike over the weekend in Texas, MLB will wait until postponing today’s game. They have only one off day to work with in Detroit, and the forecast is actually worse for tomorrow. So the 4:19 p.m. first pitch is imperiled. Stay tuned.

Update, 4:15 p.m.: There is a rain delay. Estimated start time is 5:15.