Aside from fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, nobody cringes more at the endless loop of replays of Albert Pujols breaking his wrist than those who have built their fantasy baseball teams around him. But in an injury, the savvy owner sees opportunity.

So do you do it? If you own Pujols, is now the time to capi­tal­ize on the value of the most consistent position player in the game? If you’ve coveted him, is now the time to pounce?

The answer, of course, depends on the status of your team, format of your league and so on. But if you, like me, own him and reject almost all Pujols offers on sight, now is the time to reconsider.

Cardinals assistant trainer Greg Hauck tends to Albert Pujols after a collision with Wilson Betemit left the star first baseman with a fractured wrist. (Jeff Roberson/Associated Press)

So shop him around, especially in keeper leagues. Perhaps the name-recognition will get a bottom-feeding or star-needy team to overpay and fix your team’s problems. You owe it to yourself — especially with the glut of 1B options; let’s not forget Joey Votto and Ryan Howard. You might regret not having Pujols when August rolls around, but if you have a team that can contend, losing six weeks of your best player could sink it. What you get in the interim should propel it.

For those who don’t own Pujols but would like to, it’s an opportunity to buy. You might suffer in the short term, but it’s a great time to try to get in for pennies on the dollar on a player who is as close to a sure thing as any. No matter the format — rotiserrie, head-to-head, keeper — Pujols is highly likely to come through for your team during the stretch run of late August and September.

An injury to a player of Pujols’s magnitude could change the outcome of your league. Make sure that change is in your favor.