I’m a New England native living in Orioles country, a mere 16 miles from Camden Yards. A neighbor of mine came up to me this morning feeling rather good about the season’s first week and asked me if the Red Sox were going to win a game this year. He was joking, of course, but if Boston is going to do what so many people expected — win a third World Series in eight seasons — it will have to become the first team to do so after starting the year 0-4.

In fact, the Red Sox have already equaled their longest skid since the last time they won it all in 2007 and are looking to their No. 5 starter, Daisuke Matsuzaka, in hopes of turning it around tonight against Cleveland. Dice-K is a very respectable 46-27 in his four seasons in Boston, but he is also the source of Red Sox fans’ angst by his constant nibbling of the plate and tendency to work himself into and out of trouble. He would put a lot of fans at ease with a solid performance tonight against the Tribe.

If not, the Red Sox face the very real possibility of dropping to 0-5 with the Yankees visiting Fenway on Friday for their home opener.

That would be enough to make any Orioles fan giddy