What do Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider have in common? Their names are playable Scrabble words, of course.

Value Over Replacement Grit has posted a fun and unique theme team: An all-star team of players whose first and last names are acceptable Scrabble words. The blog’s author, Diane Firstman, is a competitive Scrabble player and SABR member. There are some other really interesting posts up at Value Over Replacement Grit, such as a look at the longest names in baseball history (spoiler alert: Jarrod Saltalamacchia).


1B: Bill Terry*

2B: Joe Morgan*

3B: Frank Baker*

SS: Monte Ward*

C: Johnny Bench*

LF: Mickey Mantle*

CF: Willie Mays*

RF: Babe Ruth*

DH: Mike Piazza

PH: (R) Josh Gibson*

PH: (L) Duke Snider*

PH: (B) Early Wynn*

PR: Bobby Bonds


RH: Bob Feller*

RH: Bob Gibson*

RH: Dizzy Dean*

RH: Chief Bender*

LH: Lefty Grove*

LH: Randy Johnson

LH: Whitey Ford*

LH: Herb Score

RP: Mike Marshall

RP: Rod Beck

RP: John Hiller

Closer: Lee Smith


Manager: Earl Weaver*

Coaches: Dusty Baker, Jimmy Dykes, Bob Lemon*

General manager: Bobby Cox


Stadiums: Polo Grounds, Baker Bowl, Hilltop Park

Announcers: Jack Buck*, John Sterling, Drew Goodman

Ballpark organists: Sue Nelson, Jack Doll, Shay Torrent


Buddy Bell

Tom Browning

Norm Cash

Frank Chance*

Curt Flood

Nellie Fox*

Mudcat Grant

Dummy Hoy

Torii Hunter

Jerry Lynch

Matt Morris

Mike Sweeney

Chuck Tanner

Joe Tinker*

Rick Wise

* Hall of Famer