Mayor Vincent Gray’s popularity has sagged among District of Columbia residents according to a new Post-Kaiser poll, and a cross-ward analysis finds Gray earning only tepid support in wards he won by landslide margins less than a year ago in the Democratic primary.*

Gray carried 82 percent of the vote in both Ward 7 (where he lives) and in nearby Ward 8 in the Democratic Primary contest with then-mayor Adrian Fenty. Today, however, barely more than half of all residents in those two wards approve of Gray’s performance in office. Likewise in Ward 5, 49 percent of residents approve of Gray, a stark contrast from his 75 percent victory there in September.

In Wards 2 and 3, where Gray lost handily in 2010, fewer than three in 10 currently approve of the way he is handling his job. In Ward 1, which Gray lost by more than 20 points in the Democratic primary, 48 percent of residents now approve of the way the mayor is doing his job; 42 disapprove.

*In D.C., the Democratic primary is the chief electoral contest for mayor, the winner of which tends to win the general election by an overwhelming margin.