Americans report markedly less confidence in President Obama and congressional Republicans to make the right decisions about the country’s economic future, according to a new Washington Post poll conducted Wednesday night. Confidence in Obama is down 10 points since January, and confidence in congressional Republicans, already lower, has been sliced in half from 35 to 18 percent.

Overall, 33 percent of respondents say they have a “great deal” or a “good amount” of confidence in Obama to make the right decisions about the country’s economic future, down from 43 percent in January. Fewer, 18 percent, have confidence in Republicans in Congress to make good choices, compared with 35 percent who said this at the beginning of the year.

While few partisans reported positive views of the opposite party in January or in the new poll, Democrats and Republicans alike have lost a great deal of confidence in their own party’s leaders in Washington over the past seven months. Obama’s ratings dropped 19 points among Democrats to 57 percent in the new poll, and confidence in congressional Republicans plummeted from almost seven in 10 among Republicans in January to 41 percent today.

Fewer than three in 10 independents are confident in Obama’s economic decision-making (down 10 points from January), but half as many, 13 percent, report confidence in congressional Republicans to make the right choices on the economy (down 15 points from January).

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