Most Republicans now see the allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain as a serious matter, according to a new Post-ABC poll, a switch from a poll taken just after the charges were first reported. And while two-thirds continue to say the accusations are not going to determine their vote, there’s also still a deep split between GOP men and women.

Just after the harassment allegations surfaced publicly, 54 percent of all Republicans were skeptical of their seriousness. Now, by contrast, 64 percent assess the situation as a serious one, with the biggest shift among women.

Majorities of both men and women continue to say the situation doesn’t make a difference in their support for Cain, with GOP women still twice as likely as men to say they’re less likely to support him.

One element of the gender gap is the candidate’s credibility: 37 percent of Republican women say they’re inclined to believe Cain’s accusers, nearly double the 20 percent of GOP men saying so.

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