We are happy to introduce three new contributors to Behind the Numbers: Starting in December, political science professors John Sides, Danny Hayes and Daniel Hopkins will showcase their expertise on BTN.

A primary goal of BTN is plain in its title: We aim to peel back the mystery surrounding election outcomes, poll results and other data essential to understanding politics. The blog’s new voices bring new firepower when it comes to understanding voting behavior, campaign dynamics and racial attitudes. 

Their bios are after the jump. Please join the conversation.

John Sides

studies public opinion and American elections. He is the author of a textbook on campaigns as well as several scholarly articles on campaign strategy and its effects, immigration and other topics. He is a co-founder of and contributor to The Monkey Cage, a political science blog that was named The Week Magazine's 2010 Blog of the Year. He has also written for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, Salon, the Boston Review and the New York Times' 538 blog. He is an associate professor of political science at George Washington University. He received his BA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his MA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

Danny Hayes

is an assistant professor of government in the School of Public Affairs at American University, where he studies political communication and political behavior. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles on media coverage of campaigns, voting in presidential elections, public opinion on American foreign policy and political participation. He received his BA, MA and PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Before entering academia, he worked as a journalist in Texas.

Daniel Hopkins

is an assistant professor in Georgetown University's Government Department. His teaching and research focus on American politics and political behavior, with a special focus on racial and ethnic diversity, local politics, statistics and elections. Hopkins's research on the Bradley effect was widely cited by political commentators in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election. The occasional blogger at The Monkey Cage received a PhD from Harvard University in 2007, and was previously a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University's Center for the Study of American Politics. 

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