Perry’s “Ponzi scheme” remarks — Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s comments about Social Security — describing it as a Ponzi scheme doomed for failure — don’t appear to damage his chances of winning the GOP nomination. About one in five Republicans in a Gallup poll released Friday say they are less likely to support him for his comments, but just as many say the “Ponzi scheme” remark makes them more likely to support the current front runner. About a quarter say they make no difference. But there is room for movement with 36 percent saying they don’t know enough to say at this point. Looking down the road, Republicans do see this as a potential problem; by a 37 to 17 percent margin they say his views will hurt rather than help his chances in the general election if he were the GOP nominee.

Buyer’s remorse? — Just over a third of Americans think “things in the U.S. would be better” if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, almost three times the number who say things would be worse, according to a Bloomberg poll released Friday. But most people — 47 percent — say they would be the same. Fully 64 percent of adults give Clinton a favorable rating, surpassing the 50 percent favorable for President Obama and making her the most popular political figure among those tested in the Bloomberg poll, including House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

The origins of homosexuality — A record high 45 percent of Americans say homosexuality is “something a person is born with” according to a CNN poll released Thursday, up six points from 2007. Slightly fewer, 39 percent, say homosexuality is due to factors such as upbringing and environment. Only 13 percent said it was an inborn trait the first time Gallup asked the question in 1977. In the same poll, 53 percent of adults say marriages between gay and lesbian couples should be legally valid, similar to the 51 percent who said gay marriage should be legal in a July Washington Post-ABC News poll.

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