There’s a bit of a bright spot for President Obama and his $450 billion jobs plan. According to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, a slim majority supports the plan, nearly six in 10 believe it will improve things, and nearly half place more trust in him on job creation than they do in Republicans in Congress.

There’s been a sharp turnaround in public sentiment toward the president on jobs since he rolled out his plan in early September. Last month the public split evenly between trusting Republicans in Congress or the president. That’s moved to a 49 percent to 34 percent Obama advantage. He’s firmed up his base, but the movement among independents has fueled the turnaround. In September, independents split by a narrow 37 to 42 percent between Obama and the GOP. That’s moved to a 44 to 31 percent edge for Obama.

A 52 percent majority supports Obama’s plan, while 36 percent oppose it. More than eight in 10 Democrats fall in line with the president’s plan, while about two-thirds of Republicans reject it. Independents tilt 47 to 38 percent in support of the plan.

If the jobs plan does pass Congress, nearly six in 10 think it would improve the job situation, while nearly four in 10 think it would not. Again, Democrats are more confident of its success than Republicans are of its failure. Just over half of independents think it will improve things.

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