Rick Perry’s slide continues in new Washington Post-ABC News polling, with nearly as many Republicans now holding unfavorable views of the Texas governor as expressing positive ones.

Once a front-runner, Perry is now at a big disadvantage on this basic measure of candidates’ appeal, trailing a resurgent former Speaker Newt Gingrich by a large margin among the GOP base.

As Perry has become better known, formerly undecided Republicans have veered away from him. Fully 38 percent of Republicans have unfavorable impressions of Perry, up from 24 percent a month ago and just 11 percent in September. Nor does Perry have outsized appeal among the “very conservative,” with more than a third of those Americans now holding unfavorable views of the candidate.

Overall, 42 percent of Republicans have favorable views of the Texas governor, well below Gingrich’s 57 percent in the new poll. Fewer than one in four Republicans (23 percent) hold unfavorable views of the former speaker.

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