By 2 to 1, the public says President Obama’s economic program is making the economy worse rather than better in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s a sharp change from the beginning of the year when more people said his policies were improving things rather than worsening them.

Almost half the country -- 47 percent -- thinks Obama’s current plan is having no real effect on the economy. That’s a tough judgment considering the deep frustration with the state of the country and raises the stakes for the president’s address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday night in which he will lay out a new jobs program.

Among Obama’s base of Democrats, optimistic views of the effects of his economic program have been nearly cut in half, from 60 percent ”better” in January to just 33 percent today. The fall-off in optimistic views has been less steep among independents and Republicans, but there was less room to fall.

The more notable movement for Republicans has been the increase in those who say Obama’s plans have made the economy worse. In January, 41 percent said his plans were making things worse and 47 percent said they had no effect. But the number calling it “worse” has increased to 64 percent while those saying “no effect” have shrunk to 33 percent.

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