Ron Paul: the blogger’s frontrunner - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex.) receives equally positive and negative coverage across traditional news outlets. But he gets overwhelmingly positive support in the blogospher,e according to an analysis of news coverage from Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism released Monday.

Almost half of Paul’s blog coverage has been positive (48 percent vs. 15 percent negative), higher than any other GOP candidate. Among traditional news outlets, Paul receives about equally positive and negative coverage (21 percent positive, 17 percent negative, 62 percent neutral).

GOP candidate Mitt Romney receives an equal amount of positive and negative discussion in both blogs and news coverage, while both sources have warmed to Herman Cain in recent weeks. By contrast, blogs have been consistently negative about former frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry. About twice as many blogs have covered Perry in a negative tone over the course of the campaign (40 percent to 21 percent), numbers that have worsened since his fall from the top of polls. Read the topline results for news and blog trends on each of the Republican presidential candidates.

Republicans may hold a turnout advantage in Virginia races - Fully seven in 10 registered voters in Virginia are paying little (60 percent) or no (10 percent) attention to elections for the House of Delegates and state Senate in November, according to a poll released Monday by Christopher Newport University and the Richmond Times-Dispatch. And while voters split about evenly in their preference for Republicans and Democrats in each chamber, Republicans hold a double-digit edge among those paying more attention to the contest, a measure commonly used in likely-voter estimates. Among those who report giving “a lot” or “some” thought to the elections, 49 percent of voters currently support Republicans for the Virginia Senate while 34 percent support Democrats.

History on Romney’s side in Nevada - When Republican candidates meet for their latest presidential debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday it will be in a state that solidly backed Mitt Romney in 2008, but was also a bright spot for Ron Paul. Romney won 51 percent of the GOP presidential primary vote, while no other candidate broke 20 percent. Paul earned 14 percent and second place, while Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won 13 percent.

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