- Debt ceiling debate – By a 42 percent to 22 percent margin, more Americans want their member of Congress to vote against raising the debt ceiling in the latest Gallup poll. Still, a sizable 35 percent don’t know enough about the debate to offer an opinion, a number that has not declined at all since Gallup polled in May. The desire to vote against raising the ceiling is driven by strong opposition among Republicans - 60 percent oppose raising it - but also by independents, who oppose raising the debt ceiling by a 46 percent to 18 percent margin.

 The big lack of certainty in views toward raising the debt ceiling mirror results from a Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll released Monday, which found only 18 percent of Americans understand “very well” the consequences of not raising the debt limit. That poll found 47 percent were most worried about the potential for higher government spending if the debt limit was raised, while 42 percent were chiefly concerned about the fallout from not raising the debt ceiling.

- Approval of Congress President Obama’s sharp criticism of congressional Republicans at Monday’s press conference reflects the still widespread public unhappiness with Congress itself: at just 18 percent approval and 77 percent disapproval, ratings of the way Congress is handling its job are nearing their worst rating on record in Gallup polling data back to 1974. Ratings from Democrats – at 24 percent approval – are slightly less bad than those from Republicans (18 percent) or independents (14 percent).

- Bachmann and Perry rise in GOP horserace – Michele Bachmann earns 14 percent support among Republican registered voters in the latest Quinnipiac survey, up eight points from June and her best showing to date in national public polls. Romney maintains a substantial lead in the poll, garnering 25 percent support, equalling his last measure in June. The poll also finds Rick Perry at 10 percent, making his debut in the Quinnipiac poll. That’s similar to his double-digit showings in Fox News and McClatchy-Marist polls conducted later in June.

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