Herman Cain has faced the toughest week of his campaign for the GOP nomination, playing defense against allegations of sexual harassment from the 1990s.

Despite the turmoil, Cain’s poll numbers among Republicans are solid in the the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, running neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney atop the GOP field.

The question remains of how the scandal will play out in the weeks ahead. Where would Cain’s supporters go were he to bow out?

About half of Cain’s supporters say Romney (28 percent) or former House speaker Newt Gingrich (21 percent) is their second choice candidate, with 15 percent picking Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and 12 percent Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

A horse-race without Cain, would have Romney the clear front-runner at 31 percent, about double Gingrich’s 17 percent and Perry’s 16 percent.

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