More voters favor than oppose Mitt Romney’s proposal for an across-the-board 20-percent cut in federal income tax rates according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. But there’s an even split on his call to repeal the landmark health-care law passed in 2010.

Support for two of Romney’s marquee proposals is sharply divided along partisan lines, as is support for President Obama’s economic policies.

Fully three-quarters of Republicans have favorable views of Romney’s proposed tax cut and a roll-back of the president’s health-care legislation. About six in 10 Democrats throw cold water on the ideas.

But opposition to Romney’s tax cut proposal softens to just 52 percent among white Democrats without college degrees, signaling an opportunity for Romney to connect across party lines with white, working-class voters on pocketbook issues. The same is true of non-white voters overall, a key Obama voting group: Racial and ethnic minorities split about evenly on whether they would support a broad, 20 -percent tax cut.

But both groups -- white Democrats with less formal education and non-whites -- are more negative than positive on Romney’s effort to reverse health-care reform. So, any effort by the presumptive Republican nominee to sway these voters would have to stick to a more narrow, economic appeal.

Political independents tilt against repealing the health reform law by 47 to 33, but split evenly on cutting tax rates across the board.

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