Republican presidential contenders Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul earn mixed reviews from the American public in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. But on this classic measure of popularity, the congressman from Texas draws few strong reactions from either side, while the Minnesota congresswoman is a darling among conservatives and a nightmare to many liberals.

Overall, 27 percent of Americans rate Bachmann favorably, 31 percent hold negative views and 43 percent express no opinion. For Paul, it’s 25 percent favorable, 27 percent unfavorable and 49 percent no opinion.

Paul earns more even support across the political spectrum. Twenty percent of liberal Democrats give him positive marks, and his 37 percent unfavorable rating among left-leaning Democrats stands in stark contrast to the majorities who give low marks to Bachmann and fellow GOP contenders Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

But Paul is not as strong as his competitors among Republican conservatives who are more closely following the presidential campaign. Fewer than half of conservative Republicans see him in a positive light, and only 8 percent say so “strongly.” By contrast, 22 percent of this group offers a strongly favorable view of Bachmann and Perry.

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