It’s not yet Christmas but President Obama’s chilly job approval ratings over the fall have thawed out a little. Just under half the country — 49 percent — approves of the job he is doing in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s a significant improvement from his 44 percent approval last month.

Obama’s negative ratings have melted a bit too. From September through November majorities disapproved, slipping to his current 47 percent disapproval rating. While the balance of opinion on Obama is very narrowly split, this is the first time since his post-Osama bin Laden approval bump in May that the president’s approvers have numerically outnumbered disapprovers.

The increase in Obama’s ratings has been fairly broad based, with some notable improvements since September in a few stand-out groups. Find all the details in the chart.

Check back tomorrow for more poll results and analysis.

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