Republicans account for fewer than six in 10 voters in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary according to preliminary exit polls, marking a sharp downturn from 2008

Four years ago, they made up 73 percent of voters, well above the roughly six in 10 in Tuesday’s contest. In the early exit poll data, about three in 10 voters identify as independents, up from four years ago, and the proportion of Democrats has more than doubled.

In Maryland, there’s little change in levels of turnout from 2008 among Republicans, Democrats and independents.

Evangelicals - Fewer than four in 10 Republican voters in Wisconsin and Maryland identify as evangelical Christians in preliminary exit poll results, about on pace for turnout in 2008. That’s far below the average across all contests this year of 51 percent evangelical vote.

Traditional values - Nearly six in 10 Republican primary voters in Wisconsin say the “government should do more to promote traditional values” in preliminary exit poll data. Fewer than four in 10 say government should not favor one set of values over another.

Income and education - More than half of Maryland Republican voters have a college degree and nearly half have incomes of $100,000 or more according to early exit poll results. If that holds up, Maryland will have the highest turnout of wealthy voters in contests so far. Wisconsin Republican voters trail Maryland voters in both categories; about a quarter have incomes of $100,000 or more and fewer than half have college diplomas.

Wisconsin Republicans like Scott Walker - More than eight in 10 Republican voters in Wisconsin approve of Gov. Scott Walker, including seven in 10 who approve “strongly.” Walker faces a recall election on June 5, incited by a showdown last year with public employee unions.

Economic recovery - About half of early voters in Maryland say the nation’s economy is getting worse, close to three in 10 say it is staying the same and fewer than a quarter see it starting to recover. Wisconsin early voters are slightly less gloomy. Just over four in 10 see things getting worse, with more than a quarter each seeing things holding steady or getting better.

Issues and attributes - The economy and the ability to beat President Obama in November are once again the top issue and candidate attribute in both Wisconsin and Maryland, according to preliminary exit polls. This combination has led the way in every state with exit poll results this year.

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