Vice President Biden meets a Mongolian wrestler in Ulan Bator, Mongolia,on Monday. (Andy Wong/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

He did none of the above, but as the vice president continued his trip around Asia, he couldn’t help having at least a little fun.

During a brief visit to Mongolia on Monday, Biden greeted the barely-clothed winner of a wrestling match with a grin and a fighting pose of his own, the Daily Mail reported. It’s safe to say by the guffaw coming out of the bystander behind Biden that this time, he didn’t trip up.

Biden also tried his hand at arching and was presented a horse to name. (He chose “Celtic,” in honor of his Irish roots.) And then Biden got serious, praising Mongolia for its successful elections in the early 1990s.

“In the last 20 years Mongolia has captured the imagination of the world by its remarkable transition to democracy,” Biden said.

His visit was marred only by a small group of protesters, who greeted his motorcade with posters that read: “Yankees keep your hands off Mongolia” and “Hi Joe, No Nuclear Waste, Go Home.”