The National September 11 Memorial & Museum opened this morning for the public to visit the largest man-made waterfalls in all of North America, nestled into the footprints of the World Trade Center.

However, another memorial has been viewable to all of New York City for the past few days. The Tribute in Light, the annual anniversary remembrance, beams two bright streams of light into the night sky, creating ghostly apparitions of the towers. Singer Jordin Sparks photographed the towers of light from her airplane this morning, writing on Twitter the sight made her speechless.

At BlogPost, we’ve become mildly enamored with the sky shot. There’s something so evocative when viewing the world from above. Usually it’s nature’s power that confounds when seen from space, but a few photographs lately have shown man-made impacts on the planet. This image of the 9/11 memorial, the space ship launch captured from the airplane, and the smoke billowing from Ground Zero photographed by satellite — they all make me aware just how powerful an impact humanity can have on the Earth, be it in creation or in destruction.