Part of the 9/11 memorial in New York City. Of the 2,983 names listed on it, one is misspelled. (Carol Guzy/The Washington Post)

Not even a complicated computer algorithm is always accurate. The program that arranged the 2,983 names inscribed on the 9/11 memorial where the World Trade Center once stood got one name wrong, misspelling Jeffrey Schreier as “Jeffery.”

Don’t blame the computer though: it was likely the result of a human incorrectly entering the data. So far, the misspelled name is the only error on the memorial.

Schreier’s remains were never recovered from the wreckage of the trade center and his family told NBC New York that they hoped the memorial would serve as peaceful place of remembrance. Instead, it was distressing to see the mistake.

Schreier joins a pantheon of memorial missteps. Almost all major U.S. memorials suffer from small typos, including the Vietnam Memorial Wall, which listed 38 names of men as killed in the war — even though those men were still alive. The Vietnam Wall was not corrected, but the 9/11 memorial will be. A spokesman for the 9/11 memorial said they are working to fix the error as quickly as possible.