People light candles at a memorial for the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. (Louis Lanzano/AP)

As the death toll rose and the reality set in, those pages fluttering in the wind of a beautiful New York fall were slowly replaced. American flags, photographs and notes to lost loved ones crowded the gates along Church Street, sprang up outside fire stations, wallpapered the bulletin boards at Union Square, and filled a stretch of fence along Seventh Avenue.

These public memory walls spoke of a need to mourn and to honor the memories together. Ten years later, in a changed world, there remains a need to gather together to contemplate on the the tragedy that still looms large in our national memory..

Inspired by the memory walls of New York and by the blog PostSecret, we wanted to create a tribute that blends traditional storytelling and digital presentation through the sharing of your private reflections on Sept. 11.

We’d like you to add to our virtual memory wall. Send us:

— a drawing about how the day made you feel,

— a written message to someone lost or a note to the world today,

— a photograph that gives you solace, or makes you feel enraged, or

— a collage that pieces together the sometimes beautiful, sometimes awful feelings that still linger.

A staff submission to the virtual memory wall. (Mark Luckie/The Washington Post)

Submit your addition by printing out and using this card, or mailing in your project to the address listed below:

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