A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck southwest Mexico on Tuesday, causing mayhem but no reports of serious injuries or damage, the Associated Press reports. The quake hit near the tourist resort of Acapulco.

Residents stand amid a damaged house in Ometepec, in Guerrero state, after a strong quake hit Mexico on Tuesday. (Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images)

Seismologists and civil protection officials told the AP that the damage was limited because of how and where the temblor hit. Improved construction in the capital after 1985’s massive quake also helped.

See photos and video of the damage here.

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Amelia Earhart

Kiribati has pledged to help crack the mystery of the aviator’s disappearance, as some Earhart searchers believe her plane may have crashed near the Pacific archipelago. Kiribati’s foreign secretary told U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the island nation supported a planned underwater mission in July. (NZ Herald)

A contemporary analysis of an October 1937 photo may aid in the search. The photo shows what some say could be a strut and wheel protruding from the water where Earhart’s plane may have crashed. (Washington Post)

Jason Russell

Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey, colleague of “Kony 2012” filmmaker Jason Russell, said in a statement that “messages and encouragements and notes people sent us ... have been incredible.” Russell was taken into custody last week after he was found naked in the streets of a San Diego neighborhood, shouting incoherently. (LA Times)

Trayvon Martin

The shooting death of an unarmed Florida teenager will head to a grand jury in April. The decision came a day after the Justice Department and FBI announced their own investigation into the case. (Reuters)

Study finds holding gun makes you more likely to think others have gun. No one knows why a Florida neighborhood watch captain shot Trayvon Martin, but the study has raised a question that’s disturbing in light of the case. (Washington Post)

France shooter

French police exchanged gunfire with an Islamic militant Wednesday inside a Toulouse apartment. The militant is suspected in the killing spree that took the lives of three French soldiers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi over the past eight days. Police negotiated with the suspect throughout the early morning. (Washington Post)

President Obama

Stephon, a deaf student at Prince George’s Community College, was surprised to find that when he signed “I am proud of you” to the president while waiting to shake hands with him at an energy policy event, the president signed right back.

Watch the video: