When this photo was taken Saturday, the protester — lugging a 1990s-era computer monitor with an “ACTA” sign shoddily pasted on through the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria — had no idea whether or not the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement would be ratified in his country.


But Wednesday, Bulgaria finally stopped waffling and said, in strong terms, that they refused to ratify the secretive copyright treaty.

The country’s economy minister said he was worried that ACTA would not only encourage Internet surveillance, but also curb freedom to download movies and music for free. Free downloads are a common practice in Bulgaria, the bloc's poorest state, according to the Guardian.

There are no photos taken in Bulgaria today, but we can guess that the mood is probably a bit like this moment from Saturday’s ACTA protest:


Bulgaria marks the sixth European country that has refused to support ACTA. The Netherlands and Germany also recently dropped the bill.

Twenty-two countries in Europe have already signed ACTA. The European Parliament has yet to pass it.