A government delegation en route to the villages where a U.S. soldier reportedly killed 16 civilians on Sunday was attacked by militants on Tuesday morning. Officials reported that Taliban fighters fired for 10 minutes from a distance at a mosque while the delegation was in a prayer service, according to the BBC. An Afghan soldier and three militants were killed.

An Afghanistan's National Army (ANA) soldier stands guard as Afghan delegations gather for a memorial service in Kandahar Tuesday. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The U.S. soldiers believed to have carried out Sunday’s attacks is under arrest. His name has not yet been released but officials say he is a 38-year old trained sniper who had received a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury after suffering a head injury in Iraq in 2010. He was later deemed fit for duty.

Thousands of Afghans also took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the killings, with some burning an effigy of President Obama.

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Telling polls of the morning

Obama a Muslim? Three years into his presidency, 52 percent of likely Republican voters in Mississippi still believe President Obama is a Muslim, according to a new poll. In Alabama, the number is 45 percent. Obama is a Christian. (PPP)

Four in 10 Americans believe the U.S. will attack Iran this year over its nuclear program, according to a Poll Positive survey. (PP)

Accidents around the world of the morning

An iPad factory exploded in December, just hours after Apple allegedly inspected it. Sixty-one employees were injured. Workers say Apple never contacted them after the explosion. (NPR)

Bangladesh ferry crash kills 30. The ferry carrying more than 200 people collided with a cargo boat. The death toll is likely to rise. (Associated Press)

Arrests of the morning

Rebekah Brooks arrested again, as part of a wider police investigation into phone hacking at News Corp. She is being held on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. (The Guardian)

Los Angeles substitute teacher arrested for allegedly molesting a student at a California school. (Fox News)

Syria news of the morning

Syria laying landmines along the border, on routes refugees use to escape the country. (Human Rights Watch/BBC)

Syria targeting doctors and patients. New videotaped testimonies from doctors reveal the Syrian regime has posted troops at hospitals to identify opponents for execution or persecute medical personnel. (Amnesty International/USA Today)

Stunning imagery of the morning

Extreme photographer captures Aurora Borealis, a celestial wonder also known as the Northern Lights. He uses no batteries or electronics. (Washington Post)