Government shutdown watch continues, as no deal has been reached. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Ai Weiwei taken into custody for “economic reasons”

After days of silence about the disappearance of artist Ai Weiwei, the Chinese government finally confirmed he was being held in custody during an investigation into “economic crimes.” The foreign ministry spokesman warned other countries not to interfere with the case.

Georgian hacker

A 75-year-old woman searching for copper wire to sell in Georgia brought down the country’s Internet for five hours after cutting through a fiber-optic cable with her spade. The local media has dubbed her the “spadehacker.” While an amusing premise, the story has several disturbing sides. First, it is troubling that only one cord interferred with all the Internet. Also, the break had financially catastrophic consequences, taking businesses offline for hours. And, the woman, so poor she was digging for copper to sell for scrap, could wind up with a three-year prison sentence

Eagle Cam update:

The third eaglet has hatched at the uber-popular Decorah Eagle nest, brought to millions of viewers via live cam. In case you haven’t gotten your fill of watching eggs hatch, the New York Times has jumped on the bird bandwagon with a live cam of hawks nesting. So, yes, this is a thing now. Watching eggs hatch.


Christchurch earthquake follow-up:

More than a month after the devastating earthquake, the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand are still riddled with cracks and gaps, but the folks there are making the most of a sad situation: